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123dressme app is going to revolutionize the way you dress. We are here to help you visualize your closet so you know what to wear.

  • Take your closet with you wherever you go
  • Create endless combinations you never would have thought of anytime, anywhere
  • Share your outfits with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or email
  • Plan your outfits when traveling, special occasions or day to day life
  • Add tags to your clothes or outfits so you can categorise them
  • Filter your clothes and outfits by tags or live weather channel
Available on the iPhone

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. You can also download it on the iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.

Select a cell and tap the plus button to add photos to the photographic style compass. Shake your phone to create a random combination.

Select 3 garments to create an outfit and save it. Double tap on a cell to delete a garment. Filter your closet according to the weather outside.

Share your outfits with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Email. Add tags to your clothes or outfits so you can categorize them.

I do agree with the fact that this app does have potential. It would be really nice if it had a ton more slots for adding clothes. Also, if there is another way to categorize items into their own categories would definetly make it seem less scattered. It would be also great to add additional spinning slots for those of us who like to layer items, and match jewelry and possible a certain makeup/hairstyle as well!!! Can't wait to see the future updates! (Also a fan of different styled themes and backgrounds!)

- CharleeHasFaith

Good app wish it had more slots for clothes but I mean get it. It's free! Whoever came up with the idea I think is really smart and I think everyone who gets this will enjoy it and feel the same. Thanks for the app!! =D

- Gumby044

I think it is the best app for wardrobe organizer. Unfortunately you can put just 10 items per line (please we need more!) and it also misses an accessories line. The good thing is that you can load pictures from the library so you can take pic with your own camera

- Tinapple

Nice app! Also for the guys;) I use it when I shop: to check what would be a cool addition to my wardrobe. Take a picture and scroll!

- Kpcy's Chand oogpunt

This App rocks! Get it while it's still free ;)

- Stephanie Ward fireflycoaching
How does it work?

Add photos of your favourite clothes to 123dressme and spin them around to make new combinations of your clothes.  Save the outfit in your virtual closet and share it with your friends to get feedback.

Mix and match

123dressme is going to revolutionize the way you dress. Mix & Match your clothes easily with our innovative spinner. Try shaking it ! It will give you a random fun combination.

Why use our app ?

Take your closet with you wherever you go. It's easy to make new combinations that you never would have thought of. Share it with your friends and see what they think. You like something in a shop, now you can match it with your closet!

Connect and share!

Connect to a network of fashion lovers, stylists and more that can advise you on how to dress, or simply exchange ideas. Share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Email to get their feedback on your outfit.

Make your day, you way

Welcome to the wardrobe revolution. The future of 123dressme lies in being the mobile service for empowering people to easily create, manage and extend their unique personal styles.

123dressme is a personal mobile closet visualizer that helps men and women create their perfect outfit every day. Giving you a complete overview of your wardrobe and easy access to the latest trends.

Let your mobile device become your fashion advisor. Visualize your closet and simply combine your favourite brands to create your unique style.

Want to look good? 123dressme provides an innovative way for you to manage your style from the palm of your hand.

To compose new ensembles daily, simply spin through your wardrobe with 123dressme’s photographic style compass, selecting each signature piece for your unique look. The style compass provides a convenient way to mix and match old items with new items fresh from the latest collections.

For brands and retailers, we provide an interactive mobile channel to highlight new collections in an intuitive manner. Helping your consumers find and select new items, match them to their wardrobe and purchase items directly via mobile or find the nearest stockist.

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