Loving user and new beginnings

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Loving user and new beginnings

Summer of 2017, we got a message from Apple that our app is not going to be on the app store anymore, due to the fact that it is old, not updated to the new standards of the operating system. And is true, we have not updated our app since 2013.

At the same time, we get an email from a user of the 123dressme app, who have received the same notification, that her beloved app will stop functioning soon. She immediately wrote us a heartwarming letter, telling us it’s not possible to stop, since she is using this app, her best friends and family are using this app, and it’s a shame to discontinue it now.

Dear creator of the 123dressme app,
I recently received a notification from my iPhone advising that the app would stop working if compatibility was not updated.

I wanted to send a very impassioned request to you to keep up the awesome work and maintain compatibility with the new iOS for the 123dressme app.

I love this app and use it everyday.  I tell all my family and friends about it whenever I have the opportunity.  It helps me better analyse my wardrobe and what I need to add to it.  It helps me plan what I will wear each day and makes every morning a little easier.  I do feel that more people would be interested in using this app, if only they knew about it!!  Capsule collections and better planning your wardrobe are topics that are surging in interest and this app definitely assists anyone interested in achieving those goals.

Please please please update the compatibility for future iOS  I will be devastated if the app stops working.

Thanks so much for creating an awesome app.  It’s definitely made my life easier and enhanced my ability to live by my values.

Many kind regards,
Loving User

I was very happy to read this and immediately approached our 123dressme team to let them know we have done a good app together and this is the proof. After a small talk, both of our product creators decided it’s time to work on it again. We have put it aside for so long and seems to still be interested in using it. Our work has not been in vain.

So the team regrouped and started working on the app again, starting from scratch, back to the drawing board, also looking at all the new things our users requested over time. One of the things most frequently requested was more “space in the closet, the possibility to add more layers to the outfits, at this moment, there were only 3 pieces that could create an outfit.

Since the screen of the iPhone has a bigger size, it was easier to create an app with more layers of clothing, so we decided on 5 layers. An outfit will be composed of 3, 4 or 5 items, and the user has the ability to decide on how many to add. We scrapped planning an outfit, the news and the weather features for now and only focused on the most important features of the app and that is, upload clothes to 123dressme to digitise your closet, and then mix and match your clothes to create outfits. Save these outfits for later, to remember what you wear, wear it again, complete it with new clothes if necessary.

A personal stylist dream app, design outfits with what you have in your closet, decide if there are any new items you need to purchase to complete outfits, have an overview of your whole closet without making a mess in your wardrobe. This was the initial idea and we’re sticking to that. As for future plans, we are thinking to develop the cloud module, where the user will have the possibility to save their clothes in the cloud. That way they can install the app on another device, like an iPad, and still have all their clothes available for them at their fingertips. More features to come.

We have an open platform on Trello to record your wishes for new features, here’s how. Please get in touch and let us know how you like the new app and hopefully, your mornings will be made a little better with 123dressme.

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